DISCLAIMER: This article is relevant for those on build 133 NOT the beta users( Build 132). For Beta users, please also refer to this as the process is a bit different.

With the Turntable and the scanner plugged into power, the app will automatically enable Turntable 360 degree scanning mode. The scan button will also turn red.  

The turntable and scanner must both be placed on a flat surface, with the phone mounted correctly.

Firstly an alignment scan must be completed, this aligns the turntable to the correct position.

Alignment Scan Steps:

  • Remove all objects from the field-of-view, keep the turntable plugged in 
  • Aim the scanner field-of-view in the direction of the turntable
  • Hold the scan button down for 3 seconds to enter scan alignment, the scanner will complete two sweeps, do not move the scanner
  • Align the scanner so that the blue line displayed on the phone screen passes though two corresponding markings on the turntable
  • While maintaining the blue line, center the laser so that is passes through the center of the crosshair

Selecting Number of Scans:
Choose between 4, 6, 8 or 10 scans, the number of scans is shown in the red scanning button. To increase or decrease the number of scans hold the scan button and slide up/down.  

Viewing each Scan:
To view each individual scan select the play button and select the scan to view. The scan is orientated to the position it was facing on the turntable, to view the front face you may need to rotate the model. 

When exporting it is possible to export the individual scan you're viewing or all of the scans that were completed. 

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