With Free-Form scan alignment, you can take several scans of an object which overlap each other and align in-app. This is currently limited to a maximum of 10 scans but will improve with future updates to our software.

The free-form alignment step involves 2 steps.

  1. Add the desired scans to the model viewer (We call this adding layers)
  2. Align the scans(or layers) 

1 . Steps to Add layers :

  • Click on the "Tools" icon on the right Utility Tray
  • In the Tool Tray which appears on the bottom, select the "Layers" tool(fifth button on the right)
  • The Layer menu will appear. This will show the number of layers present, add layers, delete layers and toggle visible layers.
  • To add layers, click on the "+" button which will bring up the library viewer. Select the scan you wish to add and it will be added to the open model in the model viewer.
  • You can toggle the visibility of the layers by clicking on the layer number. 
  • You can select on the "toggle all" button to toggle visibility of all layers with the touch of a button.
  • You can delete layers by selecting the "Delete Layer" button and then selecting the layer you wish to delete.
  • Once you have added any layers you wish to align, proceed to Step 2.

2 . Steps to Align the layers :

  • Click on the "Tools" icon on the right Utility Tray.
  • In the Tool Tray which appears on the bottom, select the "Align" tool (last button in edit toolbar).
  • Select the scans you wish to align. Only 2 scans can be aligned at a time. 
  • This will appear on the app in a split screen with the first scan on top and the second selected scan below. 
  • From here, it is similar to aligning scans done on the turntable. Select 7 common points between the 2 scans
  • To align more scans, repeat above steps with the next layer.

This aligning step is currently limited to 10 scans maximum. Once you are done aligning, the file will be saved as one file. This can then be exported as a mesh.

NOTE: This is a very basic implementation of Free-Form alignment and will improve with future updates and optimisations. 

Happy Scanning!

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