EORA3D can now export mesh in STL, PLY or OBJ with the touch of a button!

Note: For this version of the app, the meshed model is only for export and cannot be viewed in-app.

PLY and OBJ mesh exports include colour data. Mesh export can be done to single scans or turntable scans and applies to your older scans as well. We do not guarantee optimal results with older scans as the calibration process has changed hence affecting the point cloud and mesh generation.

With mesh generation, there are numerous methods to perform the calculations. Currently we are employing a volume diffusion at a low scale resolution (similar to Octree level 8 Poisson reconstruction). This produces 100% watertight, 3d printable meshes.

Using this method has its limitations but we are constantly improving and optimising features to provide better results. 

Some things we are working on to improve:

Improved mesh details - Better recreation of fine details depends on the scan resolution and increasing the octree level.

Surface smoothness - The smoothness of surfaces in a mesh can be optimised by increasing voxel density.

Colour accuracy - Improved colour bleeding can be achieved by a higher voxel density. This will all be dependant on further optimising the mathematics behind generating meshes on your smartphone.

This is the first public iteration of mesh generation. We are constantly improving all features and will be releasing better versions as our product progresses. 

Happy Scanning!


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