Welcome to the Eora 3D Family!

You have received your package and you want to get started. That's easy!

Before diving into the wonderful world of 3D scanning, there's a few setup steps to make sure you make the most of your 3D scanner and our Eora Studio app.

  1. Download the Eora Studio App. this is available on the App store.
  2. Once downloaded, Open the App and follow the in-app prompts.
  3. Register your scanner and turntable with your email address and serial numbers.
  4. Bluetooth pairing to connect Eora 3D scanner/turntable to your mobile device
  5. Calibration! This is the most tedious step. We've made it easier with this article. Don't forget to read these tips too!
  6. Got a turntable? This article will walk you through creating beautiful 360 models seamlessly.
  7. Read this to align Free- Form Scans for some objects which are a bit larger or weirder.

There's a bunch of other features which will empower you to make the most of your 3D scan models. Have a browse through our help page and feel free to reach out in-app or through here! 

Have a look at this walkthrough to get a taste of the app!

You are now a bonafide, Eoraphile :)

Happy Scanning!

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