The initial step is to Bluetooth Pair the scanner and turntable to your smartphone, this is done within the EORA 3D App.


1 - Enter Settings
2 - Enter Bluetooth Pairing, this will take a few seconds to complete scanning. Make sure that both your scanner and turntable are plugged into power
3 - Select the Available Scanner, 'Paired' will be displayed next to the available Scanner once paired
4 - Enter the Scanner and Turntable serial numbers (if you do not have a turntable, leave the Turntable serial number field blank). The serial numbers are located on the base of each device
5 - Select the Available Turntable, 'Paired' will be displayed next to the available Turntable once paired

Here is a step-by-step image guide:

Bluetooth pairing is now complete, select back to start scanning. 


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