At the moment, we are launching the iOS app through testflight as we are still in Beta!

Please check the email address that is associated with your Kickstarter or Indiegogo account. You’re looking for an e-
mail titled “EORA 3D PTY LTD has invited you to test ‘EORA 3D.’” The e-mail is sent from “TestFlight <>.” Do give this email a few days to come in as we upload the list of users manually.
This will have the instructions on how to download the iOS app.

Every version which is downloaded through Testflight expires in 30 days. This is set by Testflight for provisioning limitations. 

Do note that our app will NOT expire as we push out new versions every few weeks.

To update your app, simply head to testflight and download the latest version. 

To download the app on several devices, you simply need to log in to the device using the same email address you were sent the invite on. Testflight allows downloads to multiple devices for external testers. 

To read more on Testflight and testing, you can refer to this link here -

Happy Scanning!

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