After a successful scan, the model can be accessed from your library in-app. Once you have opened the model, it will appear as below.

Below are the descriptions of the icons used in the app:

This is the Edit button. This will open up an additional menu which contains several functions to modify your scanned model.

This is the share button. This will produce a drop-down prompting you to select between PLY, STL or OBJ formats to export. When one of the formats are selected, the scanned model will be converted which takes a few seconds to the desired format. Once completed, you will be able to share it from your devices share menu which will pop-up in-app.

The below icons appear in the submenu which appears once the Edit button is selected.

This is the Erase feature. Once selected, it will allow you to select a certain area by drawing a line(or lasso) around it and removing the points enclosed within the line. This functions similar to the lasso tool on Photoshop. Do not that the line must be a closed loop in order for the points selected to be removed.

This is the Normals Toggle feature. This is useful when the colour information of the scanned model is not of importance. This removes the colour data and provides a better representation of the texture in detail.

This is the Ruler function. Once selected, it allows you to select 2 points on the scanned model and measure the distance between them. This measurement is provided in mm and is to scale(i.e. dimensions are accurate to actual measurements, no scaling occurs).

This is the Area function. Selecting this will allow you to draw a line (or lasso) around a section of interest. Once you have selected this area, it will be shaded yellow. To calculate the area within this section, tap the icon above again and the area will be displayed.  This measurement is provided in cm and is to scale(i.e. dimensions are accurate to actual measurements, no scaling occurs).

This is the Point information button. Selecting this will allow you to select any point on the model which will display the XYZ and RGB values of that specific point.

This is the Original Model function. Selecting this will return the model to its original form removing any changes that has been made. This is useful when there are unwanted edits to the model.

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