Calibration has been quite a task but it proves to be even harder if you haven't even received a calibration board!

This occurred for a select few users because of an misstep during packaging. We sincerely apologise for this. 

While calibration with an acrylic board seemed to be a great idea, we soon realised that it posed a number of problems which a simple printout would have solved. 

We have done an immense amount of testing and can comfortably say that this way of calibration is functional. The steps are the same during the calibration process. There are a number of additional settings(whilst printing) to follow in order to print out a usable calibration board.

The PDF can be downloaded from this link -

This is shared as a pdf rather than an image to download to ensure resolution and quality is maintained.  You should be seeing a white background with black dots.

Please print according to the below specifications:

  • A4 Size 
  • Printed at 100% scale NOT fit to page or other options
  • Printed with settings which give maximum contrast (this differs printer to printer)
  • Print in Black and White (This helps with the contrast)
  • Paper thickness does not really matter. Anything around 80 gsm will work fine. 

Note: It is important that every black dot is clearly printed on the sheet. 

The same steps apply when setting up this calibration board for calibration. Do note that the print out needs to be held against a dead flat surface. There CANNOT  be any curvature/bends/tears/other "impurities" in order for the calibration to succeed.

We hope that helps! If you have any troubles, feel free to reach out!

Happy Scanning!


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