Android devices are designed for a broad spectrum of users and the possible customisation makes it one of the most used operating systems in the world. 

The broad variation between devices means that every device is unique in the hardware through to the software. EORA3D being a specific use case is limited by certain features or functions which depends on the access given by the Android device.

(NOTE: The Play store does a basic scan on your device(hardware and Operating System) based on the specifications that we have placed on our app. If the app is not downloadable through the Play store, your device is not supported. )

EORA3D is a high-precision scanner which requires specific features of a smartphones camera, processing power and GPU to function. We realised that with Android, a list of compatible devices will not benefit the EORA3D community but rather a list of specifications which are required by the device is more beneficial. 

A quick search on the below features of your specific device will provide the results and if the below features are satisfied, then your device is compatible:

  1. BLE or Bluetooth
  2. Open GL ES 3.1
  3. Camera 2 API FULL Level support
  4. Location services (this is a requirement of Bluetooth but is not used by our app)

To make things easier, you can also download the following apps to ensure the specifications are met.

There are various 3rd party apps available which can be used to go through the features of your device camera to ensure it is compatible with EORA3D. The one we suggest is  - Camera2probe .

Camera2probe detects the configuration of the camera of your device and provides different support levels : Full, Level 3, Limited, Legacy.

For EORA3D, the support level required is FULL or LEVEL 3. 

This is the requirement of the camera for every device in order to use the EORA3D scanner.

As the application is a 3D scanner and produces 3D models on your smartphone, OpenGL is used to render these models. The minimum version requirement is OpenGL ES version: 3.1.

A quick search will provide this info but you can also download the app OpenGL Check Version

We are gathering all the feedback from our users and compiling the list of devices we support. In the mean-time, the app is in alpha and we are working hard to fix any bugs and issues. Do feel free to contact us with any bugs you might encounter when using the app!

Happy Scanning!

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