EORA 3D app is able to export the raw point cloud data which is used to create the mesh. The models created using the turntable is fine-aligned and need to be meshed. This can be done using Meshlab.

The best format to export is RAW as this is the raw point cloud. Each scan is exported individually in a zip file. Ensure these scans are unzipped once opened on your desktop.

You can download Meshlab here.

Watch the short tutorial below for a step by step guide on how to create a mesh using Meshlab:

  1. Open all scans in Meshlab
  2. Select all scans using rectangle selector in Meshlab
  3. Navigate to Filter } Mesh layer } Flatten visible layers
  4. In the dialog box, make sure to check "Keep unreferenced vertices". Click Apply
  5. Navigate to Filters } Remeshing, Simplification, and Reconstruction } Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction  
  6. In the dialog box, select "Merge all visible layers". Other parameters can be adjusted according to desired mesh resolution

Note: Octree Depth is set to 8 by default. This is dependant on the scan type and the resolution required on the meshed model. Selecting level 9 or above will provide better results based on the scan quality but will take longer to process.

These models created can be exported to your 3D printer slicing tool for 3d printing. It can also be exported to any other tool for further processing.

Do note that the above steps provides the most basic form of meshing

Voila! You now have a watertight model.

Happy Scanning!

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