Hey Android Folks!

As most of you are aware, EORA3D's Android app is lacking a few features which the iOS app seems to be ahead on. Fear not!

We are rapidly developing the Android app to be on par with iOS. We will be releasing these features and more.

Below are the existing functionality on the Android app:

  • Low Resolution Calibration¬†
  • High Resolution Calibration
  • Low Resolution Scanning
  • High Resolution Scanning
  • Automatic Bluetooth pairing; the EORA 3D app will automatically connect to the nearest EORA 3D scanner, there is no need to 'manually pair' the scanner
  • Export scans in STL, PLY & OBJ file formats

Below are features which will be added in future releases:

  • Settings Page
  • Bluetooth Pairing and serial number logging
  • Turntable scanning
  • 360 stitching
  • Model editing features

Do stay tuned for more updates here!

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